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WiseAntiMalware-Another Great Anti Malware for Windows 10

Do you have any Anti Malware software installed on your computer? Nowadays, malware attacks growing rapidly. Make sure you have a good protection against new malware. There are many Anti Malware you can choose. Today, I would like to introduce you the new Anti Malware developed by WiseCleaner. Wisecleaner is the same developer of the popular Wise Program Uninstaller. It still in Beta version but you are free to download and it also pretty stable actually.

wise anti malware.png

User Interface

Talking about user interface, the Wise Anti Malware comes with a modern look. Its pretty clean and neat. There are 4 main menu at the top of the main window. Quick Check, Malware Scanner, System Cleaner and Adware Cleaner. Yes, it comes with free system cleaner and Adware cleaner.

Quick Check provide a quick way to check your system staus. You can also set the real time protection from this tab.



Malware Scanner

In this menu, you will find various scannig mode. You can also create your own custom scanning scenario.

wise anti malware full version.png

Built in System Cleaner

Not like any other Anti Malware, this Wise Anti Malware comes with a built in System Cleaner.

wise anti malware full crack.png

Personally, I was impressed by Wise Anti Malware. It’s free and it gives me a more confident feeling while surfing the internet and doing things with my computer. Get your copy of Wise Anti Malware.

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