Wise Program Uninstaller – A Safe Uninstaller for Windows 10

For you who need a powerful uninstaller program for Windows 10, you must try Wise Program Uninstaller. If you feel the built in Windows add/remove program does not meet your needs, its time to switch to Wise Program Uninstaller. Its a safe and powerful piece of software. I tried this software in several computers and I am pretty satisfied with the performance so far.

Wise Program Uninstaller Features

You may compare this WPU with some other program such as IOBIT Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller. Well, it is a bit difficult to justify that Wise Program Uninstaller is better than those two popular uninstaller software.

wise program uninstaller 1.PNG

Wise Program Uninstaller comes with a simple user interface. On this review, I am using Wise Program Installer version 2.2.4. Once installed, this program is set to automatic check for update. But, you can opt this out from the settings menu.

Switch between All program, Universal App, Desktop program and system component. This feature let us to see any installed software in different category. For example, when we choose System component, we will see list of software that mostly you won’t see on the Windows add/remove software.

wise program uninstaller 2.PNG

Safe Uninstall and Force Uninstall

There are two main uninstallation method available. Safe Uninstall and Force Uninstall. The Force Uninstall is recommended only if the safe uninstall doesn’t work. Does not like Revo Uninstaller, this Wise Uninstaller does not create system restore point automatically.

wise uninstaller 1.png

After the uninstall process is completed, this program will display any files and registry that is safe for deletion.

wise uninstaller full version.png

Go get the free copy of Wise Uninstaller Now.

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