iDrive Tutorial – Create Disk Image Backup on Windows 10
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iDrive Tutorial – Create Disk Image Backup on Windows 10

Hello everyone, welcome to another backup tutorial. Today we are going to discuss about iDrive, a powerful online backup solution for Windows. On this article we are going to show you how to create Disk Image Backup on Windows 10 using iDrive. IDrive comes with many features including Disk Image Backup feature. With this tool, we can easily create copy of an entire disk including operating system, applications and data. This is great for disaster recovery. First, you may want to learn more about iDrive Online Backup.

iDrive offers regular files and folders backup as well as disk image backup. While you can store your files and folders backup in the cloud, you won’t be able to store the full system image backup on the cloud. You will need to store this kind of backup locally (external drive). But that’s not a big problem since mostly, system image backup requires a lot of storage space and it will eat your bandwidth if it uploaded to the cloud. If you need a backup solution that can do cloud backup of your system image, you can go for Acronis Backup 12.5.

Create Disk Image Backup on Windows 10 Using iDrive

Step 1. Download and install iDrive

Skip this step if you have downloaded and installed iDrive on your computer. In case you don’t have it yet, you may download iDrive for Windows for free.

Step 2. Create Disk Image Backup

Open iDrive and then click Disk Image Backup button on the bottom left of the iDrive main window. The new Disk Image Backup will open up.

create disk image backup on windows 10 using iDrive

At this point, make sure you connect your external hard drive to your computer. Your external drive will show up on this window. Click Refresh button to refresh it. Next, click Create Disk Image to start the process. This process will take some times depends on how big your disk is.

The backup process will create a new folder inside you external disk. You will find a new folder called: IDriveDiskImage. This folder contains disk image that we can use for restoration process when you need to.

Step 3. Create a boot disk

We recommend you to create boot disk. This boot disk is needed when you are going to restore your computer using Disk Image Backup. To create a boot disk, please follow the step by step instruction on this page.

How to Restore from Disk Image Backup

There are two ways to restore from disk image data. You can do the restoration from a running Windows. But, in case of your computer fail to boot, we can restore using boot disk. To restore computer from Disk Image backup, you will need the following in hands:

  • The boot disk
  • External drive contains your disk image

Restore from a running Windows

  1. Open IDrive
  2. Go to Disk Image Backup.
  3. Click Restore Disk Image Data tab.
  4. Select Disk Image file
  5. Select location for restoring Disk Image
  6. Click Restore Now

Final Thought

IDrive is a great backup solution for Windows users. It comes with a free tool that can help you to create disk image backup for disaster recovery. It only support local device but most people will store their disk image backup locally. Thanks for reading this post Create Disk Image Backup on Windows 10 using IDrive. Please share this article if you found this useful.

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