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WD Backup – Free Backup Software for Western Digital Consumers

If you own Western Digital external drives, you can use the official WD Backup Software with your storage device. WD Backup is a simple backup software that comes with Western Digital external storage. I just purchased a new WD My Passport 4 TB and inside this drive, I found WD Backup application. WD Backup can backup your files to Western Digital supported storages (My Passport for sure) and also to Dropbox. It supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and also Windows 10.

You may download and install the latest WD Backup 1.9.6 from the official website. Download link is available at the end of this article. If you have older version installed, you will be asked to upgrade your software.

upgrade wd backup

How to Backup using WD Backup

WD Backup only supports Western Digital storage. I tried to plug my Seagate external disk and its not recognized by the software. WD Backup offers two different backup destinations: Western Digital local storage or Dropbox.

wd backup 1.png

To create a new backup plan, click Add Backup Plan from WD Backup main window. You can have multiple backup plans.

wd backup 2

On the next window, wait for few seconds and then you should see your WD storage listed. Or, you can also use Dropbox as your backup destination.

wd backup to dropbox.png

Click Sign in and then sign in to your Dropbox account. Copy the authentication code from your Dropbox account to WD Backup.

wd backup to dropbox 2.png

You can change the backup schedule as you like. Also, you may need to change the backup source. Click Edit files and choose wich folders and files to include in your backup.

wd backup to dropbox 3.png

Click Start Backup and you are set. The WD Backup will perform backup based on the schedule you set.

How to Restore from WD Backup

WD Backup comes with restore function. To restore files, simply click Restore from the main window. Then, select the backup you want to restore from.

restore wd backup.png

Next, select the restore destination. You can choose the original location or new location. Click Select Files to Restore to select which files or folders you want to restore.

restore wd backup 1.png

Unfortunately, there is no search feature available. You cannot search for the files or folder you want to restore.

Download WD Backup for Windows


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