The Best Screenshot Tool for Linux You Must Know

This post is going to show you some of The Best Screenshot Tool for Linux. As a blogger, I need a handy screenshot tool to capture my desktop or software for my blog posts. In Windows system, there are many great screenshot tools. But unfortunately, most of those software does not available for Linux. If you are Linux users, your selection is pretty limited. But that does not mean there is no good screenshot tool for Linux. If you are in Windows, check out the best screenshot tool for Windows.

The Best Screenshot Tool for Linux

A. Shutter

Shutter is a handy, rich features screenshot tool for Linux. I have been using this software for the last few years. Shutter is very stable and supports any Linux version mostly with Gnome desktop.


  • Multiple screenshot modes: Full screen, rectangular area, capture a website
  • Capture screenshot directly or delayed mode
  • Save screenshot to a specific directory or copy to clipboard
  • Built-in image editor
  • Upload and share the screenshot directly

Shutter supports three file output formats: BMP, PNG and JPG. We can freely set the quality of the exported file from the Preferences page.

Download and Install Shutter

B. Gnome Screenshot

Gnome Screenshot is the default screen capture application for Gnome desktop. You will find this software on most Linux distribution with Gnome DE such as Ubuntu. Gnome Screenshot is a simple, and easy to use screenshot tool for Linux. There are three screenshot modes available: whole screen, current window and manually select area. You can also use the delay mode to capture the screen.

There is no built-in image editor available for Gnome Screenshot.

C. Deepin Screenshot

Deepin Screenshot was developed by Deepin Team. This is the default screenshot tool for Deepin Linux. It’s a simple screenshot tool for Linux that comes with several modes such as full screen, window mode and free rectangular. Deepin Screenshot features a simple editor where you can add some objects to the output. You can add text, draw lines, arrow, rectangle, and circle.

best screenshot tool for Linux

Deepin Screenshot is available on Ubuntu Software Center. For Ubuntu 18.04 users, you can directly install Deepin Screenshot from Ubuntu Software Center without having to add PPA repository manually. This software supports autosave or manual save. There is no upload and share feature on this Deepin Screenshot.

D. Kazam

Kazam is another screenshot tool for Linux. It comes with screen recording feature that you can use to record your screen activity and save it to a video file. Kazam screenshot mode supports full screen, window, and area. The delayed screenshot also available in Kazam.

Visit Website

E. Spectacle

Spectacle is a great screenshot tool for Linux that mostly found on KDE environment. It comes with a nice user interface and also some great features such as

  • Capture entire desktop
  • Current monitor
  • Active window
  • Rectangular area
  • Supports keyboard shortcut

The preview window on Spectacle is very helpful to visualize the output before the actual screenshot is taken. You can export the output image to various online service such as Nextcloud, Imgur and some others.

Ubuntu users can install Spectacle from the Software Center.

Closing Word

So which one you thing is The best screenshot tool for Linux? Well, from my perspective, Shutter is the best one even the other software also very good. It’s the matter of personal preference. If you have other software to be included in this list, please leave us your suggestion in the comment below. Thanks for reading this The Best Screenshot tool for Linux.

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