The Best Folder Sync Software for Windows
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The Best Folder Sync Software for Windows

Sync between two folders could become a painful task if you don’t have the correct software to do it. There are many folder sync software out there available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Today we are going to show you the best folder sync software for Windows. We have several popular programs that mainly do the folder sync. Some of them are free but some are not. It depends on your budget and needs. We hope our list will help you to decide before purchasing the folder sync software.

The Best Folder Sync Software for Windows

A. FreeFileSync

Lets start with FreeFileSync. It’s a free and open source synchronization software that available for Windows, Mac and also Linux environment. Why this software so special? Well, beside the fact that it is free and open source, FreeFileSync comes with many useful features. We can freely choose the synchronization mode, or create our custom one. FreeFileSync is lightweight and very easy to use.

freefilesync tutorial 1

FreeFileSync Features:

  • Free and Open source
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Compare folders in three different modes: file time and and size, file content, and file size.
  • Support filtering (include and exclude files or directory)

B. GoodSync

Goodsync is an advanced sync software. It comes with many features you need to sync and backup your data to cloud storage such as Google Drive, Amazon S3 and some others. Its available for Windows, Mac, Android and also iOS devices. Not like FreeFileSync, Goodsync allows us to synchronize files between your computer, Google Drive, Amazon S3, mobile devices etc.

The full version of Goodsync cost about $30 for personal edition. There is a Linux/NAS version but it does not come with GUI. For a complete list of GoodSync editions and price, please visit this page. Compared to FreeFileSync, GoodSync has some more features to offer. We can sync our local directory to cloud storage service like Google Drive.

C. AllWay Sync

AllWay Sync is a good sync software for Windows. It comes with a simple user interface and features. It supports multiple languages and multiple sync jobs. There is portable version available which can be put on a flash disk and no need to be installed on your system. You can use AllWay Sync in two ways mode (sync mode) and also you can use it for backup (one way mode).

AllWay Sync supports local devices, network shared folder (samba), FTP Server, SSH and also various cloud storage such as Google Drive, Box, Amazon Cloud, Azure and many more. It’s a great way to sync and backup your data to the cloud for free. AllWay Sync is free for personal users.

allway sync main.png

Speaking of the user interface and features, AllWay Sync has a modern interface. It was so responsive and pretty easy to configure the cloud storage. It comes with built in authentication page so it won’t open your web browser to login to the cloud service authentication.

allway sync box account.png

If you need more features, you can go for AllWay Sync Pro for just $25.95. It’s a one time fee and you will get a lifetime updates.


WinSCP is a well known free remote file manager and file transfer for Windows. The new version of WinSCP now comes with better user interface and add Amazon S3 storage. WinSCP is not an ordinary file transfer/file manager software. It comes with new Sync feature that you can use to sync your local directory with the remote server or Amazon S3.

winscp 9.3.png

Compared to AllWay Sync or GoodSync, WinSCP has less supported cloud storage. It only supports Amazon S3. It does not support Google Drive, Box, Dropbox etc. WinSCP suppports multiple sessions, has a built in file editor and Terminal console. Read our individual review of WinSCP.

Final Thought

Has other software to add to this list? Leave us comments and we will be glad to add them to this list.

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