SugarSync Review – The best Dropbox Alternative?
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SugarSync Review – The best Dropbox Alternative?

Welcome to The Best Backup Software. Are you ready to move your backup to the cloud? If so, which software or service you are up to? Today we will give a short review about SugarSync. On this SugarSync review we will uncover how this software performs and is it worth the money? There are many questions on several forums and QA websites asking if SugarSync is reliable Cloud Backup or not?

SugarSync comes with many interesting features. This software/backup service can sync files or folders on your computer. It also has a solid security and file versioning feature. With file versioning, we can keep our old files in the cloud in case we need it in the future. However, it is limited by the cloud storage capacity. There are many cloud backup provider that offers unlimited storage such as Backblaze.

SugarSync Features

  • Powerful and simple
  • Secure file sharing
  • Remote wipe feature

This software reminds me to Dropbox. SugarSync has similar features with Dropbox where we can sync our files and folders to their cloud storage. We can add any folders to the SugarSync client and then this software will do it’s job. The entire folder will be continuously backed up to the cloud. At the same time, you can easily review your data, share them with other people in few clicks. You can access you data from anywhere using any devices, PC, Mac, Android and also iOS devices.

No matter if you want to collaborate with your friends or college, or simple distribute read only file, you have full control over the files you share. We can also post link to the documents on the web. The security is in your hands, in a good term. Last but not least, the remote wipe feature is very useful. For example you’ve lost your laptop, you can perform remote wipe to erase any data on your computer. Because the data remain in the cloud, you can easily transfer your data to new computer.

SugarSync Review

If you are looking for a cheap online storage service, you may disappointed with SugarSync. This is not the cheapest online storage we have. There are many other service which offers unlimited storage at affordable price such as Backblaze.We can easily sync our files across multiple computers and mobile phones. It support drag and drop feature to add your folders into sync list. The layout of the control panel is very simple yet easy to use.

If you are interested with SugarSync, you can download free trial version without credit card. Get it here.

Simple user interface

SugarSync client comes with a clear user interface. It’s more than a sync client software. We can do almost anything to our cloud storage using this client application. We can create new folder, upload files and folders, share folder, monitor file transfer progress and many more.

sugarsync review

Not many settings we can change on the client software. But we think no need to change anything. It’s just works.

Integrated Search Feature

You can perform search for any files or folder inside the client application. But, we were having some issues when using the search feature. It did not return any result. We tried on the web version, it didn’t work as well.

Easy to share

The public link feature helps us to share our files with anyone easily. The recipient does not need to have SugarSync account. Simply right click on the file you want to share and then share the link with anyone you want. Or, you can also share files or folder using Share menu. This share feature will enable us to share folder with other people and enable them to write into the folder.

Final Thought

SugarSync may offers some great features to sync your data across your devices and computers. It also has many great features. It was very easy to use to manage our files to the cloud. But we were expecting more than they currently offered. 100 GB for almost $8 per month is quite high since there are many other services that offered in lower price. If you are looking for Dropbox alternative, SugarSync could be the one you are looking for. But if you need a powerful online backup solution, SugarSync seems not for you.

For more information please SugarSync Website

  • User interface5.0
  • Performance5.0
  • Features4.0
  • Price3.0
  • Usability4.0

SugarSync is a well known online storage service. If you are looking for a Dropbox alternative, SugarSync could be your next options.

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4.2Overall Score

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