The Best FTP Software

Are you looking for a powerful, rich features FTP Server Software for Windows? Yes, you came to the right place. On this page, you will find many FTP Software (Server and Client) for Windows. We will keep this page up to date and we will add more FTP server and FTP Client to the list.

What is FTP?

Let’s start with the FTP overview. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is another way to transfer files between computers using special protocol. FTP is a standard network protocol for file transfer between client and server on the network. It can be a local network and also the internet. We can transfer files from our current location to other computer/server located on the other continent. For a more complete and comprehensive explanation about FTP, please visit this Wikipedia page.

How to choose the Best FTP Server Software

Its a bit tricky to choose the best software to build our own server. But the following features should exist in an FTP Software in order to be marked as a good FTP Server Software.

  • Support secure connections: SFTP, SSL, TLS, FTPS
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Keep alive functionality
  • Proxy supports
  • Remote file searching
  • Browser integration
  • Good Compression feature
  • File Integrity Checking

Those are not mandatory but if we have such features on our FTP Server software, that would be a benefit.

List of The Best FTP Server for Windows

We can easily build a powerful and secure FTP server on Windows. But, we need a special FTP Server program. There are many FTP Server software for Windows out there and we are going to discuss and review some of them. You may find that some of the software below is paid software.

  • CoreFTP, a review and guided tutorial to build a powerful server using CoreFTP
  • FileZilla Server
  • TitanFTP Server
  • CarbonFTP

We will add more software to the list once we finish reviewing the software on our test bed.

The Best FTP Client for Windows

There are also many options for FTP Client software. Most of them are free of charge but also available in Pro or paid version.

  • Filezilla FTP Client


There are many websites that offer FTP connections but if you have the resources to build your own FTP Server, why not do it yourself? Thanks to that great software that lets us build a powerful FTP Server in few clicks.