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Why backup is important ?

I pretty sure that most people will agree that Backup is not an exciting stuff, but it is extremely important. Like it or not, many of us realize how critical it is when something wrong happen to our valuable data. It can be a hard drive failure, ransomware infection that drive to data loss. At this point, Backup is needed. We can easily restore our data even after a severe disaster. But, what if you have never backed up your computer? Well, you answer it yourself.

What type of Backup are there ?

There are many type of backup which you can choose. But mainly we can categorize the type of backup into few of those.

Traditional Backup

Traditional backup is actually a simple backup type by copying the data to various local storage such as external disk, USB memory stick or even a tape backup. This type of backup relatively easier to do. But in term of security and availability, traditional backup is way behind the other type of backup that we will discuss below. Traditional backup is widely used by personal and home users. It is pretty cheap and easy.

Online Backup

Online Backup, often called as Cloud Backup is popular among small and medium business. Even large enterprises now move their backup system to the cloud. The data is transferred from local device to the cloud across the internet. The data transfer process is encrypted with strong encryption to ensure the security during transportation. Usually, the backup process is fully automatic, no user intervention is required. The online backup features a total protection and availability, file versioning and some other great features.

A good backup program or service will let us to choose which data should be backup, how often where to save them and should feature encryption for extra security. Make sure it has those features when you are looking for a good backup software.

Hybrid Backup

Hybrid backup is a combination between traditional and online/cloud backup. There are few software that provide this hybrid solution. As we note, Acronis Backup is a good example of Hybrid Backup. With this tool, you can perform backup and store the backup to the cloud storage and also to the local storage devices. Hybrid Backup is a great backup solution since it provide extra security to our data. Also, the recovery process is much faster from the local device rather than from the cloud storage.

Best Backup Software in 2017

Let’s jump to the best backup software list. Please note that this list is not permanent and we will update our list whenever available. We will also add to this list if there are any backup software that qualified to be the best backup software.

Cloudberry Backup

CloudberryLab offers various backup software for Windows and Linux. The most interesting features of Cloudberry line up is the support for many cloud storage. Currently, it supports more than 50 different cloud storage such as Amazon S3, Glacier, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage and many more.

Acronis True Image

Acronis is a well known backup software developers who has many years experiences in backup services. The new Acronis True Image is one of the best backup software on planet. It comes with a clean and modern interface which is very easy to use. The backup speed was excellent compared to any other software.

acronis true image 2017 full version

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Iperius Backup

Iperius Backup is one of the best cloud backup software for Windows. It also one of our favorite backup software. You can find many features at an affordable price.

the best backup software


Duplicati is a free and open source cloud backup solution. It’s a multi platform backup software for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It comes with supports to many cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and many more.

Read our thoughts about Duplicati


Duplicati offers an easy and free way to protect your data in the cloud. It does a great job on files and folders backup. It does not support full system backup.


UrBackup is another free and open source backup solution for Windows, Mac and Linux. Its a well known network backup software that can be used to backup files, and also full system image. UrBackup uses client-server scheme. You will have a centralized backup storage for all your clients. It supports simultaneous backup for all your clients.

urbackup ubuntu

UrBackup only supports local backup storage and does not support cloud storage. At least for now. Read our review of UrBackup backup solution.