SequelPro 1.1.2 – The Best MySQL Tool for Mac OS X Mojave

Are you looking for a free and powerful database tool for Mac? Well, you came to the right place because I am going to show you this great tool. SequelPro, a well-known MySQL database tool for Mac. This program has been used by thousands of users out there and this could be the best MySQL tool for Mac beside the MySQL Workbench. SequelPro comes with a simple and nice user interface.

If you feel MySQL Workbench is too complex, then you will love this software. There are not many tools and icons on its main window but everything is clear.


A. Multiple Server Connections

Do you own many MySQL Servers? No worries. This program supports multiple server connections. You can easily connect to multiple servers and manage them centrally from this application.

B. Database objects management

With this SequelPro, you can do many basic administrative tasks such as create a new database, create a new table, edit and delete. Create a new query and also manage users and privileges.

C. Export and Import

SequelPro supports data export and import operation. We can export the table to CSV, SQL file and XML file. Well, its a bit limited. I was expecting more formats here.

D. Built-in Query Editor

This MySQL management tool also has a built-in SQL editor where we can type our sql syntax against the database. If you are looking for a query designer, you will be disappointed. There is no sql builder tool on SequelPro.


As a free software, SequelPro does it job very well. This program is very easy to use and feels comfortable. I would nominate this software as the best MySQL tool for Mac OS X. To download this software, please use this link below.

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