Search and Delete Registry Software Using RegScanner 2.30

Before you go through this article, we would like to remind you that this software can cause your Windows not working. The software that I want to review below will search for registry values which then you can delete them at once. Please be careful and make sure you know what you do. This is the RegScanner 2.30 by Nirsoft. RegScanner is a powerful yet useful software to search for any registry software using keywords.

Simply type the string or keyword for the registry you want to search. Forget about digging the entire registry jungle manually. Use RegScanner to make your life easier.

How RegScanner works

First, you will need to type the string or keyword for the registry you are looking for. For example, type “mapinfo” if you want to find any registry value that has mapinfo.

regscanner full.png

You can use multiple strings, separated by comma. Specify the matching method. There are several options on this method you can choose. Click Scan to start the scanning process. The result will be displayed on the RegScanner main window.

How to delete multiple registries at once

After the scanning process is completed, you can select which registry you want to delete and then right click on it. Select Delete selected key/values. Again, before you doing this, make sure you know what you do.

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