S3 Browser 7.6.9 – Simple Amazon S3 Client for Windows

I have bunch of data in Amazon S3 storage. There are reasons why I choose Amazon S3 as my main back end. In order to manage the data in S3 buckets, I need a handy tool that is reliable, simple and easy to use. I tried many software but finally I choose S3 Browser as my main tool to manage Amazon S3 buckets. The new version of S3 Browser 7.6.9 is now available with many improvements and bug fixes.

Why S3 Browser? Well, there are some reasons for it.

s3 browser

S3 Browser is a freeware. But, do not under estimate this software? Even it is free, you will find many features inside. For example, here are some features that I mostly use:

  • Multiple accounts support. I can add many Amazon S3 accounts to it.
  • Easy to create new buckets, delete buckets as well as share a bucket
  • Can edit Permission (ACL)
  • Easy to setup a Cross Region replication
  • Very easy to upload and download files from our buckets
  • Built-in file manager where we can create new folder, delete or rename
  • Web URL Generator
  • Simple user interface

Do you manage Amazon S3 buckets? Which software you use to connect and manage your buckets and files stored in Amazon S3? Share your thoughts in the comment below. Meanwhile, you may want to download S3 Browser 7.6.9 for free.

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