RedCrab Calculator 6.36 – An Advanced Calculator for Windows

Windows 10 comes with a Calculator software. This calculator is good for simple and scientific calculation. But, if you need more features, I would recommend RedCrab Calculator. This review is based on RedCrab Calculator version 6.36. What is RedCrab Calculator? It is an advanced, scientific calculator program that capable to calculate complex equation and also has many built-in functions.

RedCrab Calculator features a new way to type your equation. You will have a blank sheet where you can type the equation you need. You can also use the built-in functions to save your time writing all the equation in the canvas.

You can choose from many function templates such as Logarithm, Trigonometric, Geometry, Statistic and many more. It also has on-screen virtual numpad, symbol and keyboard which you can turn on and off.

On the Settings tab, you can turn on/off the grid, enable autocalc feature and license activation.

RedCrab is free to use but if you want more features, you can switch to pro version. You can download RedCrab 3.6 installation file from this link. You can also download the user manual from here.


If you need a complete, advanced calculator, I would recommend RedCrab Calculator full version. The built-in functions are really helpful to create a complex equation. The virtual keyboard and numpad also very useful.

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