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Quick Heal Total Security Review 2018

Looking for a good antivirus and security software for Windows? Avast, AVG are popular name for antivirus but there is another great antivirus software, Quick Heal Total Security. This article will discuss a bit about this software. Quick Heal Total Security is a total solution for your computer. You only need to install this software and you will get many included tools.

Quick Heal Total Security Features

I was surprised with this software since it comes with so many features and tools I need. Here are some key features of Quick Heal Total Security

A. Anti Malware and Anti Ransomware

When you purchase Quick Heal Total Security full version, you will get a ransomware protection. Yes, no need to install another anti malware or anti ransomware. Simple download and install this antivirus and forget about ransomware.

quick heal anti malware.png

The Anti-ransomware feature uses Quick Heal’s behavior-based detection technology that analyzes the behavior of programs in real time. This helps in detecting and blocking threats such as ransomware. As an added layer of protection, this feature also backs up your data in a secure location to help you restore your files in case of a ransomware attack.

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B. Web Security

Browse and surf the internet without having to worry you get infected by bad websites. Quick Heal includes a web security features that will protect your computer from any potentially dangerous websites. You can turn on and off the features from the Quick Heal main window. You have full control of those features.

secure browsing.png

When the secure browsing is activated, you will see green line around your web browser indicate that your browsing activity is secure. Its a great additional feature you can get.

C. Firewall Protection

On most antivirus software, you have to purchase separate license or addons to get the firewall protection. But in Quick Heal, its included.

D. Safe Banking

If you often use the internet banking, you will love this feature. The Quick Heal Safe Banking will ensure your internet banking is free from any intruders and your bank data is safe.

safe banking.png

quick heal safe banking.png

This Safe Banking feature will help you to protect your PC as well as ensuring your credit card information is secure. Also, it will block any unsafe protection.

Well there are still many features that I can’t explain them all here. Please visit the official website to read more about Quick Heal features.

Quick Heal Total Security Pricings

For Home Users

There are several editions you can choose. The Quick Heal Total Security for Home and for Enterprise. The single license cost $74 which can be installed on a single device. But you can get the multiple device license for $75. You can install this on 3 different devices (Windows, Mac and Android). For a complete list of price, please visit this page.

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For Enterprise

I am not going to discuss more detail for Enterprise user. You can read the complete information from this page.

Download Quick Heal Total Security

To download, please use the link we provided below. You can try Quick Heal Total Security full version for 30 days. Please also read my previous tutorial on how to install Quick Heal Total Security full version.

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