Pixia 6.0 – Good Drawing Software but needs more improvements

This is the new Pixia 6.0, a rich features drawing software for Windows. It has many features such as photo filters, color adjustment, 3D mapping and text, and many more. Pixia 6.0 is available for both 32 and 64 bit system. At first, you may find the user interface is a bit ugly and confusing. But after some times, you will love this software. If you are Windows Paint users, you will find Pixia as a replacement. It has more features than Windows Paint though.

Pixia Features

  • Complete image editor
  • Import from camera support
  • Layer management
  • Drawing tools
  • Color balance

Well, I am not going to write every features and tools in this software. You can find a detailed information about Pixia’s features here.

Is Pixia for you?

It takes me a few minutes if not hours to get into this software. The Pixia installation is a bit longer than other similar software. And it will also ask you to restart Windows. My first impression about this software user interface is terrible. In this 2018, this software should be improved into something that is more user friendly. I understand that the developer put their hard work on this software. But, if they can improve the user interface, I think this software will be more even popular.

The Good

If you are looking for a free drawing tool with bunch of features, then you will love Pixia. You can edit your photos and make them even better with this software. The color adjustment, digital toning, color balance, and tone balance are some of the features you will love.

The Bad

The only thing that I consider as a bad thing is the user interface and the software performance. Look at the icons, layout etc. Also, every time I try to use the rectangle or circle tool, it feels really slow. I don’t thing that this is because of my computer.

Anyway, that is my own perspective when testing Pixia 6.0 on my Windows 10. You may download and try it yourself. Get your own copy from this link.

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