Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium Review & Download Link

My friend asked me which hard disk manager has the best performance and features? Well, good question but difficult to answer it. There are many disk manager out there and most of them has their own pros and cons. But I read many reviews telling that Paragon Hard Disk Manager is a good one. Long story short, I jumped into Paragon download website and get the Paragon Hard Disk Manager Premium. Install it on my Windows 7 OS.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium Review

This software comes with a pretty clean user interface. Slightly, everything looks clear and easy to understand. On the main window, it shows the disk map where I can see all connected disks and partitions.

paragon hard disk manager 15 full.PNG

My eyes distracted by the icons and menu at the top bar. Wow, it has many features instead of a basic disk partition tool. Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 brings a lot of backup and restore features, disk copy and migration and many more. Well, personally I was impressed with these features.

This is a super complete disk manger you can get. You will get many disk partitioning tools inside this program. Also, there are bunch of backup tools. You can backup your disk to virtual disk, incremental backup to virtual disk, copy disk to another, and many more.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Full Version Features Explained!!

I own the full version of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 and I am going to show you some capabilities of this program.

Create Partition

This software can be used to create new partitions on a disk. To do this, simply go to Partitioning tab and then click Create Partition. The wizard window will open up.

paragon create partition 1.PNG

Choose the disk you want to create partition. Click Next to configure the partition scheme.

paragon create partition 2.PNG

You can specify the volume size of the new partition. Use the provided slider or type the volume size manually.

paragon create partition 3.PNG

Select the partition type from the list and you can also give a new volume label to the new partition.

Copy Disk

This is a new feature to me. Copy disk feature allows us to copy entire disk to another disk with ease. It’s similar to clone disk feature on other backup software like HDClone.

Delete & Undelete Partitions

Paragon Hard Disk Manager can be used to delete existing partitions. This software also has recovery capability to undelete partitions that were deleted. Please be careful when playing with this tool. If you do it wrong way, you may lose your data forever.

How Much This All Cost?

Paragon Hard Disk Manager combines disk management and backup in a single piece of software. The Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional full version cost about $80. It’s worth of money. You will get a disk administration and also a complete disk backup tool.

Download Paragon Hard Disk Manger

We do not provide Paragon Disk Manager full version crack, serial number, keygen and other illegal materials.


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