OBS Studio – The Best Free Screen Recording Software

I was looking for a free screen recording software for my computer. Well, there are many screen recording software out there but most of them are not free. If there is free one, the quality is not so good. But then, I found this great screen recording software called OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). It’s not an ordinary screen recording software. It has many features beyond my expectations.

OBS Studio runs on Windows, Mac and also Linux. The user interface is good enough and its pretty easy to use.

obs studio.jpg

OBS Studio supports many video sources such as:

  • Screen capture
  • Webcam
  • Application Window
  • Image
  • Many more

Another feature that you will love is that this software can be used for Live Streaming to various servers such as YouTube, Facebook Live and some more.

obs streaming.jpg

Download OBS Studio

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