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NovaBackup 19.1 Review and Download Link

NovaBackup is another backup solution provided by NovaStor, a well known backup solution developer. NovaBackup is one of their product designed for PC/Server backup. They have another solution called NovaStor DataCenter and also xSP Private Cloud Backup. Today I am going to review the NovaBackup 19.1 full trial version. I was granted to try the full version of NovaBackup 19.1 within 15 days. Ad here are my thoughts about this software.

NovaBackup Features

NovaBackup is a modern backup software that supports files & folder backup, system imaging, and also Cloud Backup. I was expecting more advanced features from NovaBackup.

  • Simple user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Backup encryption and compression support
  • Backup scheduling
  • Multiple backup jobs
  • 4 different backup mode available (Full, Incremental, Differential and Snapshot)
  • Backup destinations: Local disk, external disk and Network drive
  • Easy to restore files
  • Built in P2V support – Restore your physical system to virtual machine

NovaBackup missing the capability to store the backup to public cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc. It only support to FirstBackup storage. If you have valid NovaBackup license, you can have 2 GB of free online storage. It’s like a joke for me. What can you do with 2 GB today?

How to Backup Files using NovaBackup

NovaBackup supports multiple backup job. To create our first files & folders backup, click Start from the main window.

novabackup main window.PNG

You will be redirected to the files & folder selection. Here you need to give a new name for your backup job. And then, select any files and folders you want to include in the backup.

novabackup file selection.PNG

Now we need to specify the Backup destination. If you want to backup to external device, you must insert it now. Then, click Backup to button on the bottom left. Here you can select the location for the backup. Unfortunately, there is no way to put the backup in the cloud such as Google Drive, Box, Amazon S3.

novabackup destination.PNG

Configure backup schedule

Specify the backup scheduling options by clicking the Schedule button. You will need to save the backup first if you want to schedule your backup.

novabackup schedule.PNG

Advanced Settings

If you want more settings, you can click Settings button to set some advanced settings such as backup scheme, password/encryption etc. NovaBackup supports various encryption keys: AES 128 bit, AES 192 bit, AES 256 bit and Blowfish.

novabackup encryption.PNG

Now your backup should be ready. Click Backup and you are set.

NovaBackup Pricing

NovaBackup for PC is offered in several packages. For 1 PC NovaBackup license, you will be charged for $49.95 per year. From my own perspective, this price is too expensive. You can get other backup software with more “backup features” and public cloud supports at the same or even lower price.

novabackup pricing.PNG

You can download the NovaBackup Free Trial Version. You can evaluate the full version NovaBackup for 15 days. No credit card required.

Final Thoughts

NovaBackup for PC is a good, simple backup solution for Windows. Its P2V feature that can “convert” your physical machine into Virtual machine seems useless for most average users. This feature will be usable for you who really understand about virtualization. But for most end users, they only want to backup their files and OS.

The lack of Public Cloud supports at around $50 per year is too expensive. Iperius Backup (for 1PC) only cost 29 Euros, and one time payment. But, Iperius has more to offers. It supports many cloud storage. If Cloud Storage is one of your concern, I don’t think you want NovaBackup as your backup arsenal.

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