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MiniTube 3.4 – A Better Way to Watch YouTube on Mac

So usually, to watch YouTube videos, we open the web browser and navigate to the YouTube website. On iOS or Android devices, we have a special YouTube application but not in a Mac. Personally, I do not like the YouTube page because there are too many distractions and unwanted objects on that page. But after I tried MiniTube, watching my favorite YouTube videos is way better.

MiniTube is a streamline YouTube client that allows us to browse, watch, and search any videos on YT in a simple UI. Forget about un-necessary ads and much other junk stuff.

MiniTube Main Features

  • Simple UI
  • Play, Pause and Fast Forward button
  • Browse and search YouTube videos
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter
  • Copy video URL
  • Subscribe to the channel
  • Multiple video resolution supports
  • Supports Windows, Linux, and Mac (Catalina support)

Wacthing YT in a web browser offers a more complete features but for some people like me, I love simplicity. I only need the basic and important stuff when watching video. So, MiniTube is great for this purpose.

Want to try MiniTube on your Mac? Get it now from the link below.

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