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Mega vs Box Comparison – Which One is Better?

In the pursuit of online storage, we have so many options to get start with. Google Drive, Box, Mega, Dropbox and Amazon are the big player. They offer different kind of services to attract users. But, which one is better? I am a Mega and Box user. Personally I love their services so far. I still go for the free account and I am planning to upgrade soon. Mega vs Box, which one is better?

Well, I eliminate Google Drive and Dropbox since the don’t have additional services or value that attract me. But don’t judge me wrong, both are doing a great service and performance.


Why do I ever use Mega? There are several reasons until I came to Mega. First, it offers 50GB free online storage. Mega has a strong encryption security feature that you won’t find on Google Drive, Dropbox and even Box. If you concern with security, Mega has it all. Login to Mega dashboard and you will have your personal chat account that you can use to chat, audio call and video call with other people in Mega environment. You can also manage your Mega contacts.

mega dashboard.png


You can get 50 GB for free in the free account. If you want more, you can upgrade to the Pro account starting from $6 for 200 GB storage.

mega pro account.png


Box is a well known online storage. It comes with many features you won’t find on other cloud storage service. We can edit Office files (docx, xlsx) locally, and it will automatically save to the Box storage without having to install the sync software. Box comes with Collaboration feature and also Messaging. The audio and video call is not available on Box.

Third Party Apps

Box users can add third party apps to increase their productivity. You can search so many applications from Box dashboard.

box app.png

Most apps are paid application but there are also many free apps you can use.


You will get 10 GB free online storage. Want more? Get ready to pay $11.5 per month for 100 GB. It’s a bit expensive for 100 GB.

box pro.png

Final Thoughts

Both Box and Mega have their own pros and cons. If storage capacity is the most important thing you need, Mega is better than Box. But, if you need more features, and you are planning to add more functionality to your storage, Box is better.

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