Linux Full System Backup with Deepin Clone
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Linux Full System Backup with Deepin Clone

Deepin Clone is a great backup software introduced on Deepin 15.5. This backup software comes with many great features you need to create full system backup of your Linux desktop. Theoretically, Deepin Clone can be installed on other Linux distro such as Ubuntu, Fedora. Manjaro 17.1.0 users can install Deepin Clone from the Pamac Software Manager.

Deepin Clone Features includes:

  • Disk and partition cloning
  • Disk or partition to Image backup
  • Image to Disk restore

Deepin Clone is a great backup solution for Linux. This is the best full system backup solution that I ever tried on Linux system. It’s available for free. Unfortunately, Deepin Clone does not support Cloud storage. It only supports local disk or external disk.

You can see, download and compile Deepin Clone yourself if you want. You can download the Deepin Clone from GitHub.

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