Iperius Backup – How to Backup to FTP Server
FTP Software Tutorial

Iperius Backup – How to Backup to FTP Server

Hello everyone, welcome to another backup tutorial. Today we are going to show you how to Backup to FTP Server using Iperius Backup. Iperius Backup is a rich features backup software and solution for Windows users. It supports many backup sources and destinations. You may read our Iperius Backup Review for more information about this software. Iperius Backup comes with a built in FTP Client that is very easy to use. Its very simple but also very powerful. It has a simple user interface, support drag and drop and also support multi FTP Server connection.

Backup to FTP Server using Iperius Backup

Please note that by using this FTP Client, you won’t be able to use the incremental backup feature. If you want this incremental backup feature, you can create a backup task from Iperius main window. Before we continue, you may want to download the latest Iperius Backup using the link below.

Download Iperius Backup

First of all, we need to open the FTP Client. To do this, right click on the Iperius taskbar icon and select FTP client.

Backup to FTP Server using Iperius

Now we need to connect to our FTP Server. Follow these instruction below to connect to your remote FTP Server.

Once connected, simply drag and drop your files and folders from the left panel (your local computer) to the right (remote FTP Server).


Iperius is a complete backup solution for personal user or for business. The FTP Client application is very useful to quickly connect to a remote FTP Server without having to set up a backup task. Thanks for reading this tutorial. Please share this article.

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