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IP Scanner Pro 3.68 – The Best IP Scanner for Mac OS X ?

Looking for a handy IP scanner for Mac? Try this new version of IP Scanner Pro 3.68, a simple yet powerful network utility for Mac users. Sometimes you may want to check who and how many devices are connected to your local network. This software will ping any IP addresses in your network and then display the result in a nice and simple way. You will get information such as:

  • The active IP addresses
  • Device name or user
  • MAC Addresses

This IP Scanner Pro also has a port scanner feature which you can use to scan any open ports on the devices. You can then export the result to other format for reporting.

With the IP Scanning feature, you can get an overview of your network right in front of your screen. It is also possible to apply a custom name to every device on your network for easier identification.

Port Scanning Feature

You can also manage the whitelist and blacklist devices within this software. You can download IP Scanner Pro 3.68 and try the free trial. In case you are interested the full version, you can purchase it for about $29.9. Download the DMG file from this link.

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