Install Duplicati Backup on Manjaro and Arch Linux
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Install Duplicati Backup on Manjaro and Arch Linux

Hello everyone, today we are going to install Duplicati Backup on Manjaro or Arch Linux. As you know, Duplicati is a free and open source backup software which has so many features. You can use Duplicati to backup your data and store them to local disk or cloud storage. It supports many cloud providers such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive and many more. If you are running Arch Linux or it’s derivatives such as Manjaro, Antergos, you can easily install Duplicati via AUR. We are going to show you right away.

Steps to Install Duplicati Backup on Manjaro and Arch Linux

Before we can install Duplicati on Manjaro or Arch Linux, you will need to enable AUR on Manjaro first. Please read this article to enable AUR on Arch based Linux distribution. And then, open Add/Remove Software (Pamac) and type Duplicati.

Select duplicati-latest and then press Apply. The installation will start immediately. When the installation completed, you can start using Duplicati to backup your data.

Start and Enable Duplicati Service

sudo systemctl enable duplicati
sudo systemctl start duplicati

Now open web browser and type: http://localhost:8200

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