How to Undelete Partition using Paragon Hard Disk Manager

Paragon Hard Disk Manager is a powerful and rich features Hard Disk Management software for Windows. One of its powerful feature is the ability to recover or undelete partitions. If you accidentally deleted your partitions on a hard drive, you may still have a chance to get it back. This tutorial is going to show you how to undelete partitions using Paragon Hard Disk Manager.

On this example, I have two disks connected to my system. First disk contains system partitions (Windows and applications). The second one contains data (2 partitions). I have deleted these two partitions on the second disk. Here is my current disk layout.

undelete partitions using paragon 1.png

As you can see on my second disk, there is no active partitions. It shows Unallocated. Previously it has two partitions containing Windows and some other data. Now I am going to recover the deleted partitions using Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15.

First, go to Partitions | Undelete Partitions. The undelete partitions will come up.

undelete partitions using paragon 2.png

Click Next to proceed. Select the disk from the list. It will show only compatible or supported disk.

undelete partitions using paragon 3.png

Choose the search method.

undelete partitions using paragon 4.png

Make sure your partitions are found during the search

undelete partitions using paragon 5.png

Click Next and check all partitions you want to recover

undelete partitions using paragon 6.png

Click Next and then finally press Apply to start the undelete process. The process could take some times. Make sure you have green check mark and succeeded status.

undelete partitions using paragon 7.png

And finally, here is my disk layout. As you can see there are two partitions on my second disk.

undelete partitions using paragon 8.png

I was impressed with the Paragon Hard Disk Manager. It successfully recovered my partitions with all data.

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