How to Restore Acronis Backup to Linux Server
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How to Restore Acronis Backup to Linux Server

On my previous post, I have shown how to backup a Linux Server (Ubuntu) using Acronis Backup 12.5. Now, I am going to show you how to restore from a backup on Acronis Backup 12.5. Previously I performed a full system backup (entire machine) to my server. And now, I am going to try to restore/recover the entire machine. This shouldn’t too difficult since Acronis provides a very easy to use web console. We can perform restore Acronis Backup to Linux Server from the Acronis console page. And, we can do this backup and restore tasks from a remote location. We don’t have to have physical access to the server we want to restore to.

Steps to Restore Acronis Backup to Linux Server

Step 1. Log in to Acronis Backup Console

I mostly use the web browser to manage my Acronis Backup. Use the following address to access the web console.


After login, go to Device | All Devices. Click the Server you want to recover from the list. On the right panel, you will see several options/tasks we can choose.

Step 2. Select Recovery Mode

Click Recovery button related to the server you choose to recover. Click Recover and select the recovery mode. In this example, we use Files/Folder mode.

restore acronis backup to Linux Server


Step 3. Start Recovery Process

Now we are ready to start the restore process. The file/folder recovery process is pretty quick (but it also depends on how big your files that you want to restore).


That’s it. It’s very easy to Restore Acronis Backup to a Linux machine. This steps should be the same on other machines such as Windows desktop, Windows Server or even Mac. Another good thing is that we can perform this recovery process from a remote location. It saves a lot of time for a system administrator to recover data to user’s computer.

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