How to rename multiple files at once using Multi File Renamer

In some cases, you may need to rename your files. Its not a big deal when you only work with several files. But, you will need a smarter solution to rename hundreds (even thousands) of files at once. Well, thanks to the Multi File Renamer, a small utility that can help you to rename multiple files at once. MultiFileRenamer is a tool to easily rename multiple files according to multiple rules. These rulesets can be used in different directories, can be stored for later usage and the results can be previewed.

Multi File Renamer is free and it is very easy to use. There are several actions which can be added or removed. Its pretty flexible. For example, you can rename the entire files inside a folder and capitalize the file name. When you have thousands of photo, and you want to rename them into something that easier to remember, than this software is for you.

multi file renamer.png

This tool can help you finish the simple task in few minutes. No need to spend any dollar to rename multiple files at once. Download and install Multi File Renamer Now.

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