How to Migrate Windows to Smaller Hard Disk Using Paragon Hard Disk Manager

Upgrading from hard disk to SSD is a great way to improve your computer performance. By upgrading to SSD, the file transfer speed is improved significantly. Booting time and application loading will be much faster. But, sometimes it’s a bit tricky to move or migrate Windows from existing hard drive to the new SSD. Especially if your SSD size is smaller than the hard disk. For example, you have 1 TB hard disk and you installed a new 512 GB SSD. Theoretically, it is not possible to migrate or clone the hard disk to SSD due to different size.

If your new hard disk or SSD is smaller than the existing, you will need a special tool called Paragon Hard Disk Manager. With this powerful hard disk utility, you can migrate OS to the new disk, even the size of the disk is smaller. I am going to show you the steps below. But before we go through the tutorial, you may want to download Paragon Hard Disk Manager. Please note that there are many other features of this Hard Disk Manager.

How to Migrate OS to SSD Using Paragon Hard Disk Manager

On this example, I have three disks connected to my Windows PC. The first disk (50 GB) contains Windows and applications. I want to migrate my OS from this first disk to the second disk (35 GB).

disk layout.png
Initial disk layout

Now let’s get started. Open Paragon Hard Disk Manager and then go to Copy & Migration tab.

migrate os step 1.png

The OS migration wizard will open up.

migrate os step 2.png

Click Next. The wizard should recognize your current operating system. And then select the destination disk.

migrate os step 3.png

Click Next and you will see a disk summary.

migrate os step 4.png

Click Copy to confirm the copy process. Click Appy to start the actual process. The copying process take some times depends on the size of your OS.

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