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How to Install BackupPC on Ubuntu 16.04 Server

BackupPC is another great backup solution available for Linux. With this backup software, you can protect your computers on the network and centralize the backup location. BackupPC allows system administrator to manage backups from a single location. More or less, BackupPC has similar features to UrBackup Server. It has a dedicated server that responsible for the client backup.

Visit BackupPC on GitHub

Install BackupPC on Ubuntu 16.04 Server

BackupPC can be installed on Ubuntu 16.04 very easy. Please follow these instruction below to install BackupPC on Ubuntu 16.04.

Open Terminal and then type the following commands in sequence

sudo apt update
sudo apt install backuppc

During the installation process, you will need to answer some questions like the following

backuppc installation 1.png

backuppc installation 2.png

backuppc installation 3.jpg

Now, login to BackupPC web interface. Open a web browser from another computer and type the IP address of the server like this:

Use the user and password information we created during installation to log in to the web interface.


That’s it. Thank you for reading this how to install BackupPC on Ubuntu 16.04 Server.

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