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How to Export Virtual Machine from Virtualbox to VMware Workstation

Hello everyone, welcome to my website. Today, I am going to show you how to export virtual machine from Virtualbox to VMware Workstation. In case you want to migrate your virtual infrastructure from Virtualbox to VMware, but you want to use your existing VMs, you may convert your VMs to support VMware. Both Virtualbox and VMware supports the standard Open Virtualization Format (OVF). This OVF format should compatible with both virtualizations program. But please note that VMware may not compatible 100% with the OVF file exported from Virtualbox. When this case happens, you will need to install your virtual machine from the scratch in VMware.


Since we are going to export from Virtualbox system, you must have the following items in hand:

  • Virtualbox program installed on your OS
  • At least one virtual machine is available on Virtualbox

Steps to Export Virtual Machine from Virtualbox to VMWare

First, open the Oracle Virtualbox program. Shut down the VM that you are going to export. This method will not work when the VM is running.

Export virtual machine from virtualbox to vmware

Go to File | Export Appliance and then select the VM you want to convert/export.

On the next step, provide the location for the .OVF file. Don’t forget to select the format from the list. I would recommend you to select the OVF 2.0 if you are using newer VMware version (version 14 or version 15).

Hit Next to specify some additional settings. You can add more description to the exported appliance. This is important if you are going to distribute your appliance with others.

Finally, click Export and the export process will begin.

This process will take some time. When the export process completes, you can then import the OVF file on VMware.

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