How to Create Proxmox USB Installer from Windows 10

Hello everyone, in this article, I am going to quickly show you how to create a Proxmox USB Installer from Windows 10. Proxmox is a great operating system for virtualization. With this operating system, you can run multiple operating systems simultaneously. Not like VMware Workstation or Oracle Virtualbox, the virtual machine in Proxmox can perform better with the GPU passthrough supports. Not only the PCI-Express devices that can be passthrough, hard disk, processor, and USB ports can be passthrough to the virtual machine for better performance. For more information, please visit the Proxmox website below.

Steps to Create Proxmox USB Installer from Windows 10


To create the USB installer, you will need the following:

Step 1. Download Proxmox ISO and Rufus

Use the link above to download the latest Proxmox ISO and Rufus software for Windows.

Step 2. Create the USB Installer

Plug your USB pendrive to the USB port and then run Rufus program.

Select your USB drive from the Device list. Make sure you select the correct one because this program will wipe the content of the flash drive. Next, click Select and choose the Proxmox ISO file you downloaded earlier. Click Start to start the process.

When finish, you can boot your server/PC with this USB installer and start installing Proxmox. Enjoy.

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