How to create new SQL Server User using EMS SQL Manager

Welcome to my tutorial. Today, we are going to learn how to create new user on SQL Server. In case you want to give someone access to your SQL Server or database, you may want to create a new login or new user. Expert users may use the console command line to do this. But if you are newbie or don’t want to use the hard way, I will show you the easy way. I am using EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server. You can go with the lite version with limitation or go full version. Check the price here.

Create new SQL Server user using EMS SQL Manager

To create new login or new user, follow these steps:

create new user login.gif

Pretty easy right?

After creating new user, you can then login with the new user and credential. EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server is a great SQL Server mangement software alternative. Get it now.

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