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How to Backup Windows 10 System Files using EaseUS Todo Backup

The Windows system crash is a nightmare for everyone. Windows 10 is a modern operating system but it is not crash-free proof. I had several issues with my Windows 10 computer and it forces me to perform a fresh install of my Windows 10. Well, the Windows 10 installation itself is not a problem but the fact that I have to install all my software is another thing. Furthermore, I will also lose my data in my C drive.

There are many ways to protect your system from the above scenario. The best and essential way of protecting your computer is having a good backup. In this article, I am going to show you how to backup Windows 10 system files using EaseUS Todo Backup. This is a great backup solution for Windows 10 users. It saves me a lot of time and money. There is a free version available but for a better solution, I use EaseUS Todo Backup full version. It cost me some money but it is worth it.

What is System Backup and Why You Must Have it?

System Backup is a special backup task that will copy or backup all the Windows system, program files, and all associated registry files. It is different from the traditional file and folder backup. You can use this system backup to restore your computer including the Windows operating system and all installed software.

It is important to have the system backup at least once. So in the future, if your computer crashed and cannot boot, you can easily restore it in few minutes.

How to Create Windows 10 System Backup

Windows 7 and Windows 10 comes with a built-in full system backup called system image backup. You can open this feature from Control Panel >> Backup and Restore (Windows 7). It is labeled Windows 7 but it works well on Windows 10 as well.

Windows system image is a good way to backup your system but it has some limitations and I do not recommend using this as your primary backup software. Instead of using the Windows system image, I choose EaseUS Todo Backup full version.

How to Create a System Backup using EaseUS Todo Backup

In order to start creating a new system backup, do the following. I assume you already have EaseUS Todo Backup on your Windows 10. If not, you can download it here.

Step 1. Create a New Task

Open Easeus Todo Backup and then click Create New Task button.

Step 2. Configure the new backup task

Next, a new window will popup. From the Disk/Volume tab, click the System Backup. This will select everything you need to create a successful system backup. EaseUS software will automatically add the necessary files in the backup.

In this window, you will also need to specify the backup destination as well as the plan name and description (optional).

Step 3. Configure the Backup Schedule

Even though the backup schedule is optional, we recommend you to enable this feature. A weekly system backup is good enough for standard use. If you need more protection, a daily backup should be great. Click the Schedule and then create a new schedule.

To save storage, use the incremental or differential backup type as shown above.

Finally, click Proceed to save the backup task. You should see the new backup task listed on the EaseUS main window.

The backup will be automatically executed based on your schedule.

Final Words

EaseUS ToDo Backup is one of the best backup software for Windows. It is so easy to use and very powerful. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and leave us comments if there are questions. Thank you.

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