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How to Backup to Google Drive using FBackup

I was looking for a perfect backup software for my Laptop. Well, I tried many software and to be honest there are many great software available out there. Mostly, the backup software with great features are not free. But lastly, I tried FBackup. It’s a free backup software for Windows. Actually it’s just another commercial backup software which offers some basic features for free. Today, I am going to show you how to backup to Google Drive using FBackup.

fbackup 1

Before we go through the backup steps, lets take a look at some key features of FBackup. FBackup comes with a nice user interface. It supports multiple backup jobs and multiple backup destinations. The free version is limited to files and folder backup. The free version does not allow incremental, smart and differential backup mode.

First, you may download and install FBackup 7.1. If you want more features, you can download the full version trial of Backup4All from this link. You will get 30 days free trial with all features unlocked.

To create a new backup job, from the FBackup main window, click New button. The new backup wizard window will open up. Give a name for the new backup job.

fbackup wizard 1.png

We recommend to add description as well. Click Next to proceed. Select Google Drive from the Destination list. Then, click Choose account to login to your Google Drive account. A web browser will open up and login to your GDrive account.

fbackup wizard 2.png

Specify the folder inside Google Drive to store the backup. Click Next to continue. On the next step, add files or folders you want to backup. You can apply filters to this backup. For example, you can backup the music files only etc.

fbackup wizard 3.png

Click Next to continue. The free version of FBackup only ally full backup and mirror mode. On this example, we will create a full backup which will create a zip file in the Google Drive with all sources files and folders.

fbackup wizard 4.png

Optionally, you can encrypt the backup with a password. Next, we can specify how often this backup job will be executed. You can choose between daily, weekly etc.

fbackup wizard 5.png

Finally, click Save to save the backup job. This backup will appear in the FBackup main window.

fbackup main window.png


FBackup is a simple backup solution for you who wants a hassle free backup software. Its very easy to use and great for most users. It supports local and cloud backup storage which is common for todays computing.

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