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How to Backup PostgreSQL Database Using Iperius Backup 5.4.1 Full Version

Iperius Backup is a great backup software for Windows. It offers a wide range of flexibility to backup your database, files and folders to various backup destinations. On this tutorial, I am going to show you how to backup PostgreSQL database using Iperius Backup. I am using Iperius Backup 5.4.1 full version. If you are running the free version, you won’t be able to use the PostgreSQL backup feature.

Before we continue, you may want to read my previous review of this Iperius Backup. Or, you may want to download the installation file straight away. Backup PostgreSQL Database using Iperius backup is very easy. We can backup a remote database and save the backup in our local directory or in the cloud.

Steps to Backup PostgreSQL Database Using Iperius Backup

I assume you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Iperius Backup. You can enable the full version trial to try this feature. Click Create New Backup on the main window as shown below.

The New backup job window will open up. Click PostgreSQL from the list.

It will open up the Add/edit PostgreSQL backup window. Select the PostgreSQL connection account. If you don’t have it, you will need to create a new one. Use the icon next to it to create a new PostgreSQL connection.

After creating the new connection, we can now configure the backup task. Select which databases to include in the backup. You can backup all databases at once or you can also backup selected databases only.

Select the objects you want to include in the backup, and also enable zip compression if you want. Click OK and you will be redirected to the main window.

Here you should see your new backup task. Click next to configure the backup destination. You can save the backup in local folder, FTP server or in the cloud. You can save the backup in Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and many other cloud storage.

Click Next to configure the backup schedule.

Change some advanced options if you want

You can also enable the email notification.

Finally, review the backup task and give a new name.

That’s it. We have just completed to create a new backup task for our PostgreSQL databases using Iperius Backup. It’s a pretty long way to create a new backup task. But, Iperius Backup works very great.

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