How to Backup MySQL Database Using MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is a free tool to help you manage the MySQL Server. With this free tool, you can create new schemas, create and edit tables, manage users and so on. But do you know that we can use MySQL Workbench to back up the MySQL databases? Some of you may feel confident with a paid MySQL database backup software. But actually, Workbench is also a good MySQL backup tool you can rely on. On this article, I am going to show you how to backup MySQL database using MySQL Workbench.

Steps to backup MySQL database using MySQL Workbench

You may want to download and install MySQL Workbench for your operating system. Workbench is available for Mac, Linux and also for Windows. Before we can back up a database, we need to connect the server with Workbench. Click the + sign from the main menu to set up a new connection.

Once connected, go to Server | Data Export

backup MySQL database using MySQL Workbench

Select the database you want to backup and then select the tables to backup. You can select multiple databases and tables at once. Then, specify the backup file name and location. Click Start to start the backup process.

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