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How to Backup Linux to Using Syncovery

Syncovery is a good backup software available for Linux. It comes with many features you need to perform cloud backup. It supports many cloud storage such as, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and some others. You may read our Syncovery review before we go through this tutorial. I am going to start with backup my Linux to with Syncovery. I hope I have time to write more Syncovery tutorials in the future.

Install Syncovery on Linux

You can follow the instructions on the following links to install Syncovery on Linux

Syncovery uses web UI to configure backups, settings and so on. Usually, it can be accessed via http://localhost:8999

syncovery web ui.png

Create a new Backup Profile

From Syncovery web interface, click Add New Profile. New profile creation wizard will open up.

configure backup.jpg

On the Profile settings page, type the new profile name. On the left hand side, enter or browse the directory you want to backup. For example in this case I want to backup my “/home” directory.

On the right side, click Internet since we want to bakcup to Box. From the protocol list, choose Box and then press the small button next to Folder. See the following image.

configure box.jpg

It will open web browser and Box login page. Enter your Box username and password

authorize box.jpg

Syncovery scheduling

syncovery schedule.jpg
Syncovery backup scheduling
syncovery bacup start.jpg
Syncovery backup in progress

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