HDDExpert 1.18 – Free Hard Disk Monitoring Software

HDDExpert is a tiny application that will display detailed information about your hard disk. It has all information you need to know about your hard disk status. HDDExpert displays the following information about your disk:

  • Read the SMART hard disk attributes
  • Display hard disk temperature (if supported by your hardware)
  • Disk Capacity
  • Hard disk serial number
  • Hard disk model and manufacturer
  • Hard disk health status


In this HDDExpert main window, there are several shortcut or link that will bring you to some websites. For example, when you click Backup, it will open the Amazon.com website which shows hard disk storage.

hddexpert link.png

I was expecting that this disk monitoring software comes with backup feature. But it’s only a link to Amazon affiliate page. That’s fine for me since the developer put some efforts on this software for free. In return, they put some affiliate links which is fine.

Download HDDExpert 1.18

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