Grub2Win – Free Boot Manager for Dual Boot OS

Are you planning to dual boot your computer? In most cases, people want to try Linux but not ready to leave Windows completely. The solution is using Dual Boot. You can have Linux and Windows installed on the same machine. And if you do, I suggest you to use this Grub2Win. Grub2Win is a free and open source boot manager. This tool will help you to enable dual boot on your PC.

Grub2Win supports UEFI and BIOS settings. You can install it on Windows 10, Windows 8 and also Windows 7. This program will detect and configure boot settings for any operating systems installed on your PC.

Installing Grub2Win

Download grub2win.zip using the link we provided at the end of this post. Extract the zip file and then double click the file g2install.exe.

grub2win install.PNG

It will start downloading files from the internet. Once completed, click Setup button to start the installation. Once completed, you will see the following window.

grub2win install 2.PNG

Now close the installation window and run Grub2Win program.

grub2win main window.PNG

Now you can manage your boot menu, change the default boot OS and many more.

Download Grub2Win

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