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GParted Live 0.32 – The Best Free Disk Partitioning Software

The new version of GParted Live 0.32 is now available for download. GParted is a Linux distribution that focuses on disk and partition management. You can use GParted Live to create, edit, delete partitions on your computer via its lightweight desktop environment. You don’t have to install this software on your computer. Simply boot your PC with GParted Live and then you can start managing your disks or partitions. For me, GParted Live is the best free disk partitioning software. I don’t have to pay in order to get the great features.

GParted Live 0.32 is based on Debian unstable. It includes some bug fixes such as fixes for shrinking LVM volume capability. It supports almost any filesystems including FAT32, NTFS, LVM, EXT3 and many more.

GParted Live Features

  • Easy to use. It comes with a lightweight desktop environment
  • No installation needed
  • Free
  • Supports any filesystems
  • Supports LVM shrinking feature

Download GParted Live

Download the ISO file from this link. Burn it to a CD or DVD ROM using your favorite CD burning software. Or, you may want to invest a USB flash disk for the USB Live. Then, boot your computer to the CD or USB Live and start to manage your disks and partitions.

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