Glary Utilities 5.94 Review and Download Link

Your Windows is slowing down over time? Well, that seems “normal”. Windows is slowing down after some times due to growing registry and many other reasons. But don’t worry, Glary Utilities is here to help you boost your computer performance. The new version of Glary Utilities 5.94 is now available for download.

Glary Utilities is a complete solution to tweak your Windows performance. There are many integrated tools you need to fix your registry, edit the Windows startup application, Disk space analyzer, processes manager, malware remover, file encrypter and many more. I was overwhelmed (in good term) by the features of Glary Utilities Full version.

glary utilities features.jpg

I was thinking that Glary Utilities is an ordinary performance tweaking like CCleaner. But in fact, this software is beyond expectation. Sorry to say this but this tool really great. Please note that this is not a paid review. GU also has file undelete tool onboard. It can take hours to write all Glary Utilities’ features here.

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Glary Utilities 5.94 Full Version Pricing

You can get the full version of Glary Utilities for just $40 (normal price). But you may get 50% discount if you purchase it today (when this post is written). You won’t regret!!

glary utilities pricing.jpg

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