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Garmin BaseCamp 4.6.2 – A Must Have Software for Gamin GPS Users

Garmin BaseCamp is an offical software by Garmin, a popular GPS & Navigation device maker. If you own Garmin GPS, you must have this BaseCamp application that works with your Garmin GPS. BaseCamp software comes with many features that you can use to download and upload data from/to your GPS. You can also plot the track, route or points on the built in map.

garmin basecamp.png

Garmin BaseCamp is the advanced version of Garmin MapSource, a similar GPS software for PC. You can easily send maps and other features from PC to your Garmin device. In return, you can also download the points, track and route from your GPS to your PC.

The built in Find feature lets us to search for any addresses all around the world (but maybe limited for certain areas).

Garmin BaseCamp Features:

  • Built in Trip Planner
  • Garmin Adventure
  • Birds Eye Map
  • Download and Install additional maps
  • Transfer data between GPS and PC
  • Export data to another GIS formats

Garmin BaseCamp is a freeware but it will only works with Garmin GPS. I haven’t tried to use it with other GPS brand.

Download BaseCamp for Windows

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