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Full System Backup Using NovaBackup 19.1 – Unofficial Guide

NovaBackup comes with system image backup feature. You can use this tool to create backup of your Windows system on the fly. This means, you don’t have to shut down your computer while the system image creation in progress. NovaBackup utilize new technology to do the full system image. This article will show you how to do full system backup using NovaBackup 19.1. It’s a simple and easy guide to NovaBackup.

If you haven’t installed NovaBackup, please visit this post below to download NovaBackup 19.1. You can try the 15 days trial to get NovaBackup 19.1 Full Version features.

Steps to Create Full System Image on NovaBackup

Open NovaBackup

From the main window, click Image Backup.

novabackup full system 1.PNG

Now click Image Backup Schedule and click next

novabackup full system 2.PNG

On the next page, select Full to create our first full system backup. After we have a full backup, we can then create differential or incremental backup.

novabackup full system 3.PNG

Now select which physical drives for Image Backup. Your disks will be visible on this page.

novabackup full system 4.PNG

Next, specify where you want to save the backup

novabackup full system 5.PNG


Here you can change some scheduling options.

novabackup full system 6.PNG

Click Finish when done. Now we have a new Image Backup job created successfully. We can then run the backup process. Go to Schedule tab and you will see all your backup schedule there. You can run the job immediately if you want.

novabackup full system 7.PNG

Backup in progress. This will take some times to complete.

novabackup full system 8.PNG

Make sure the backup end successfully

novabackup success.PNG

How to Restore from Image Backup

In order to restor your system from an Image backup to your currently active partition, you need to boot your computer using boot disk. First, create a boot disk.

Click Image Backup from main menu and then select Launch Image Backup tool for Backup/Restore/Boot CD Creation.

create boot disk.PNG

Click Next and the Image Backup window will open up. Click Boot Disk to open Image Backup boot disk creation wizard.

create boot disk 2.PNG

To start the boot image creation, click Create button

create boot disk 3.PNG

Next, you can directly burn the ISO image to your CD/DVD media. Optionally, you can just create ISO file.

create boot disk 4.PNG

The ISO usually will be saved inside: C:\ProgramData\TempDR\DRBackup5A9BB404\DRBoot.iso

create boot disk 5.PNG

Now, boot your computer using the ISO or bootable CD/DVD. Upon reboot, you will see NovaBackup restore window open up. Click Next

restore 1.jpg

Now browse to the backup file (.ndf).

restore 2.jpg

Double check the source and destination disk on this window. Click Next to continue. The actual restoration process will start.

restore in progress.jpg

That’s it. Thanks for reading this article to create Full Image Backup using NovaBackup. See you.

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