FreeFileSync – Free and Powerful Synchronization Tools
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FreeFileSync – Free and Powerful Synchronization Tools

In my workplace I often requested to send a large number of data to our client. Usually we copy our data to an external drive and then hand over it to our client. In most cases, the standard copy and paste wont’t work. It sometimes end up with failure. Is there any better way to do this? Well, FreeFileSync is my hero. I use this program to sync folders from local disk to external disk vice versa. FreeFileSync works pretty well to synchronize folders. It’s FREE.

FreeFileSync User Interface

At first, you may a bit confused with the UI. But after few times, you will get familiar with the work flow of this FreeFileSync. There are several panels on the main interface. On the left, you will see some buttons where we can create new, open and save the configuration. On the middle panel, you can see the content of the first folder. On the right side, you will see the content of the second folder.

Additional Settings

There are some advanced settings we can set. For example, we can specify how the sync works.

How to Sync folders using FreeFileSync

First, lets say I want to sync my Downloads directory with Documents directory. Off course you can sync whatever folder you want. You can sync your local folder with a Samba shared folder or external drive.

Browse the folder for both left and right side. Then click Compare button. It will display the content of those two folders and compare them. By default, FreeFileSync will compare based on file size. But you can change the comparison from the settings page.

Set the Synchronization settings

Click the Synchronization settings to specify the Synchronization mode. You can choose Two way, Mirror, Update or Custom. 

Click Synchronize button to start the sync process.

FreeFileSync is a great sync application that provide a better way to sync two folders. This software has helped us in many ways. Thanks to FreeFileSync. For download, please use the link below.

FreeFileSync Download

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