Free Webcam Recorder using Movavi Video Editor 14.2

Free Webcam Recorder using Movavi Video Editor 14.2

I was looking for a good webcam recorder software for Windows. When searching the “webcam recorder” keyword on Google, it returns many online webcam recorders. But, that’s not what I am looking for. I need a special software for my Windows 10 that can be used to record video using my integrated webcam. Finally, I found Movavi Video Editor. It’s a video editing software that comes with free webcam recording tool. With this tool, we can record video from external devices such as an integrated webcam or USB webcam. It’s a simple and great tool though.

As you can see, the user interface is pretty simple and easy to use. There are two main buttons to start the video capture and also take still photo. If you have multiple camera sources, you can easily change between them using the provided video capture device list. The default location for the video is inside Videos\Movavi Library. But you can change it as you like. You can also change the video resolution if your webcam supports multiple resolutions.

How to open Webcam Video Capture on Movavi Video Editor

First, you can download and install Movavi Video Editor and try the 7 days free trial. In this free trial mode, you will get the full version, all features unlocked for 7 days.

Download Movavi Video Editor

Once you install it, open Movavi Video Editor and then click Record Video button

The video record window will open up and you can start recording your video.

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