Fotor Photo Editor – Simple but Powerful Photo Editing Software for Mac

As a photographer, sometimes I want to quickly edit my photos and share with my friends in my social media accounts. Well, Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop are great software for photo editing. But sometimes, I only need some features without having to use the Photoshop or Lightroom. Thanks to Fotor Photo Editor. This free application is very useful for me. It has many features to make your photos look more beautiful and professional.

The User Interface

Fotor Photo Editor comes with a nice, easy to use interface. On the left, there is a large area that shows your photos and on the right you can find many tools to enhance your photo.

Bunch of Tools

Scene Selections

There are many tools you can use. On the top right, you will find Scenes. There are several scenes available that will quickly change your pictures look and feel automatically. For example you can use Auto, Landscape, Darken, Sunset and some other modes.

Crop Tool

Fotor Photo Editor has an easy to use crop tool. Use this tool to crop your photo, straighten or even add some distortion effects to your photo.

Effects Tools

This is the fun tool that you will love. Create stunning photos with some great effects. You can choose from many effects such as BW, Cinematic, Classic, Vintage, Retro and many more. Some of these effects are free but there are also some paid effects.

There are still many other tools such as Adjust, Borders, Texture, Text and Focus effects. I am not going to discuss them one by one here.

Last but not least, Fotor Photo Editor also comes with Collage, TouchUp, HDR and Batch mode. The TouchUp mode will help you to retouch your portrait photos in easy way. For example you can smooth the skin tone, blemish fix, clone and reshape. The HDR mode, will help you to create High Dynamic Range from your photos.

Download Fotor Photo Editor for Mac

We would recommend you to download this software via App Store. Simply open App Store and search for Fotor photo editor. Install if from there.

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