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ExpanDrive 6 for Mac – Connect and Mount Your Cloud Storage Locally

If you are working on Windows or Mac OS X, you may connect and mount your network drive from Finder or Windows Explorer. That is the easiest way to access your network files and folders. But, if you store your files in the cloud, most of the time you will need to open your cloud storage via web browser in order to access your files. Believe or not, that is sucks. It takes more time if you have to open a web browser, login to your account and then download the files.

Well Yes, you may install a client software on your PC. But, it will sync your local folder and the cloud. If you have several gigabytes of files in the cloud, you will also have to provide the same space in your local drive. Dropbox, Google Drive has great client software. But the only problem was they consume a lot of disk space.

With ExpanDrive, you won’t have those issues. ExpanDrive offers a new way to access your files in the cloud. The program will mount the cloud storage on your computer just like the network drive. It will not sync your files to the local computer, so, you don’t have to worry about disk full anymore. It supports drag and drop just like it was local folder. The new version of ExpanDrive 6 boost its performance up to 500%. This mean, you will have a faster file transfer than any previous version.

ExpanDrive supports many cloud storage such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and many more.

You can connect to multiple cloud services simultaneously. And then, you will see them mounted on Finder (Mac) or Windows Explorer. You can mount and unmount anytime you need.

Our Review

We are currently testing the ExpanDrive 6 full version on Mac OS X Mojave. Overall, this program works well and we did not find any issues during installation. This program is very easy to use. If you have multiple cloud storage services, you must try this software. I am a Dropbox and Box users. I don’t like to use Dropbox client because it consume a lot of hard disk space. Even the new Dropbox has selective sync feature, it still uses a lot of space.

By using ExpanDrive, I never worry about any disk space issues. I can connect/mount, unmount anytime I need to. The upload speed is really fast. Once you mount the cloud storage using ExpanDrive, your computer will treat it as a local drive (Network drive). You can edit files directly from your application. No need to copy it first.

Download ExpanDrive 6

If you are running Mac OS X, you can download ExpanDrive 6 from this link. Simply double-click the .dmg file and then drag the ExpanDrive icon to the Application folder to install.


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