EMS Data Import for PostgreSQL Full Review

EMS Data Import for PostgreSQL is a simple, powerful tool to import data to PostgreSQL database. It supports various data sources such as MS Access, XLSX, CSV, TXT, MS Word and many more. If you have data in many formats and you want to migrate them all into one or multi-databases in PostgreSQL, we highly recommend this EMS Data Import for PostgreSQL full version. You can download the trial version which limits the data import up to 20% of the data source. To unlock this limitation, upgrade to full version starting from $60.

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  • Supports many popular formats: XLSX, CSV, Access, TXT and so on.
  • Flexible to import data to one table, or multi-database
  • Supports batch import which significantly improves the import speed
  • Automatically creates the table structure
  • Wizard-based data import which makes it even easier for everyone

To start using this software, please download the installer from this link.

How to import data to PostgreSQL using EMS Import Data for PostgreSQL

  1. Run the software
  2. Specify the PostgreSQL server connection details
  3. Configure the new table to store the imported data
  4. Select the table to import and the fields
  5. Configure the field mapping
  6. Run the import process

On the following example, I am going to show you how to import data to PostgreSQL from Microsoft Access. First, download and install EMS Import Data for PostgreSQL full version from the official website. You will be granted to try the full version of this software for 30 days.

Connect to the PostgreSQL Server

Enter the PostgreSQL server host name or IP address along with login and password.

Next, Add the file you want to import. You can add multiple files if you like. This software supports various data type including: xls, csv, txt, html and some others.

Next, select the database and destination table. You can append to existing table or create a new one.

Once you specify the destination table, click the Next button to proceed. If you saw the following error message, this mean that it cannot create the table automatically. Don’t worry, click OK and we will solve this.

After you hit OK, we need to re-mapping the columns in the table. Click Analyze button and then click the Green arrow on top of the window to enable autofill.

Click Next to continue

Now our table has been created. Click Next few times to proceed

ems data import for postgresql


EMS Data Import for PostgreSQL is a great tool for PostgreSQL server administrator. The wizard GUI is really helpful to import from various data types. The free trial version has a limitation such as it limits the import rows to 20%. If you need more features, we recommend to buy this EMS Data Import for PostgreSQL Full Version.

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