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Dsynchronize 2.38 – Free Sync Software for Windows

Looking for a free Sync Tool for Windows? You may consider testing the new Dsynchronize 2.38. It’s a free synchronization software for Windows that works very well in any scenario. With this tool, you can sync your folder to a local network, removable drive as well as to a DVD. Dsynchronize is very easy to use. Simply specify the source and the destination path, and you are ready to go.

Well, there are some additional options you can use such as preview sync, shut down your PC after the sync process is completed. Here are some options available in Dsynchronize

  • Preview sync
  • Verify byte by byte
  • Copy only newer files
  • Real-time sync
  • Bidirectional sync
  • Send log via email

Dsynchronize supports multiple sync processes. You can add more than one folder to sync. During our tests, this sync software works very well and it can complete all tests without any problems.

Download Dsynchronize 2.38

Our Thoughts

Dsynchronize is a good piece of software. We love the network support on this software. If you need cloud storage support, then this software is not for you. But if you still rely on your local devices, external hard drives, then Dsynchronize is a good option. Visit the publisher’s website to get more information about Dsynchronize.

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