Download TrueOS 18.03 VMware and Virtualbox Images

TrueOS is a great operating system built on top of FreeBSD. If you are new to TrueOS and willing to try it on your machine, the best way is to run it on top of virtual machine. Here we provide the download link for the TrueOS 18.03 virtual image for VMware and also Virtualbox. Please note that this 18.03 is a special release due to the security issues impacting the computing world since the beginning of 2018. In particular, mitigating the ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’ system exploits.

Why Choose TrueOS 18.03 virtual image

The virtual image is a great way to try TrueOS 18.03. You don’t have to deal with the installation complexity and many other things. Simply download the image and run the appliance on VMware or Virtualbox.

How to run TrueOS 18.03 Virtual Image

Step 1. Download the image

If you wish to run on VMware Workstation, you can download the VMware vmdk image from this link. Or, if you prefer to run it on Virtualbox, download the TrueOS 18.03 VDI image from this link.

Step 2. Download and Install Virtualbox or VMware Workstation/Player

Skip this step if you already have Virtualbox or VMware Workstation or VMware Player on your computer. The following link will help you to get started:

Step 3. Open the virtual image

A detailed instruction on how to run a VMDK and VDI image, can be found here. Before you can run the image, first you need to extract it. Use your favorite 7z file extractors such as rar or 7z. If you are on Linux, right click and select Extract Here should do. After that, you should see the following file:

Now, open VMware Workstation or VMware Player and create a new virtual machine. Select FreeBSD 11 64 bit from the list.

In VMware Workstation, you can choose the option to use existing VMDK disk. But in VMware Player, this option is not available.

Browse to the vmdk file and if you see the following message, you can either convert to new format or use the existing format.

Choose keep existing format. Once the new virtual machine creation is complete, start the Virtual Machine and enjoy TrueOS 18.03

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